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Posted 08/25/2020 by Sharon La Riviere

Sophia and Nick Petra of Petra Tile in St. George, Utah

Sophia and Nick Petra of Petra Tile in St. George, Utah

Ron Nash, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing North America and Jeff Bonkiewicz, Channel Manager, sit down to dinner with Nick and Sophia Petra with Petra Tile in St. George, Utah. As a 2nd generation tiler and father of 6 girls, Nick started his business right after high school. 

Listen to the podcast to hear: 

  • His “roots and shoots” and how he got started in the business
  • The market in small town St. George
  • The importance of relationships
  • How he uses “social proof” to sell jobs
  • What Nick’s succession plan is for the future

Interview Highlights:
“Participating in social media platforms makes me want to get even better. We all bring each other to a higher level. The homeowners are also watching Pinterest and Instagram, so they expect to have something really nice.” – Nick Petra 

“Social media is pushing people to be better.” – Ron Nash

“My older three girls (18-year old Shay, 16-year old Jackie and 13-year old Audrey) know how to waterproof floors and carry tile.” – Nick Petra

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