Finishing Profiles - Style 4 (FP4)

Finishing Edge Profiles - Style 4 (overhanging) are used for edge protection of the tile while extending protection over the sub-assembly or existing tile. 


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Features & Benefits

  • May be used for wall or countertop installations
  • Creates a clean, professional appearance
  • Protect the tile from chipping and cracking
  • May be used as a decorative or design element
  • Delineate transitions between materials of the same height
  • Protects users from sharp edges and corners
  • Alternative to traditional tile trim

Product Information

Finishing Edge Profiles - Style 4 (overhanging) are used for edge protection against chipping and cracking of the unfinished tile edge while extending protection over the sub-assemlby or existing tile.  Available in Anodized Aluminum, it is suitable for residential and commercial projects, where it can be used indoors and outdoors as an alternative to traditional tile trim.   

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