SPARTACOTE™ Lux Additive

As of March 2023, SPARTACOTE Lux Additive is no longer available. 




SPARTACOTE® Lux Additive is a patent pending floor coating additive for use in combination with SPARTACOTE® FLEX PURE™ polyaspartic coating to maximize light reflectance and increase energy efficiency in grow rooms, indoor farming facilities and other areas looking to increase brightness.

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Features & Benefits

  • Patent pending reflective technology maximizes available light by increasing surface reflectivity 21x traditional concrete floors, therefore lowering energy costs and increasing plant yield 
  • Seamless floor coating with anti-microbial Clinical Plus topcoat reduces the risk of bacterial, mold and fungi accumulations on the coating
  • Easier to clean and more hygienic to allow for lower maintenance costs 
  • Formula offers high chemical resistance, so that the flooring is able to withstand chemicals from washdown and fertilizers which protects your flooring investment by providing a longer floor life  
  • Flooring system has a rapid return to service to help minimize downtime and allow for higher productivity and less disruption of crops 
  • Horizontal and vertical applications allow for versatility of application and reflectivity of the whole room 
  • Compatible with SPARTACOTE® FLEX PURE™, SPARTACOTE® Universal Pigments, SPARTACOTE® Grip Traction Additive and LATICRETE Moisture Barriers 
  • Part of FDA & USDA compliant system (FDA/CFSAN U.S. Food Code 6.101.11 Surface Characteristics) 

Product Information

This easy to use on-site Fully compatible with SPARTACOTE® FLEX PURE™ and SPARTACOTE® Universal Pigments, it utilizes a proprietary blend of pigments and reflective elements in an easy to mix on-site dispersion. 

SPARTACOTE Lux Additive is an integral part of the SPARTACOTE High-Yield system designed for use in grow rooms and indoor agriculture facilities looking to increase plant production and yield while maximizing energy efficiency.  

This high-performance floor coating system may also be used in areas looking to maximize available lighting and increase brightness including warehouses, parking garages, stairwells and hallways.  
  • Packaging Sizes:

    Use 1 unit SPARTACOTE Lux Additive per 5 gallons of mixed SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE (A+B)


    • Lux Additive: 9360-0001-2

         0.75 gal (2.8L) in a 1 gal (3.8L) can


  • Part of System: LATICRETE®
United States

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  • DS 230.13 1 Year Product Warranty (US - English)

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