SPARTACOTE® Polyaspartic Pigments

As of March 2023, SPARTACOTE Polyaspartic Pigments are no longer available and have been replaced by SPARTACOTE Universal Pigments. Learn More > 



Polyaspartic Pigments are designed to be used exclusively with SPARTACOTE® FLEX XPL, SPARTACOTE® FLEX PURE™ and SPARTACOTE® FLEX SB polyaspartic coatings.


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Product Guarantee USA
Made in the USA

Features & Benefits

  • 14 standard colors, including safety colors
  • UV stable, suitable for exterior applications
  • Excellent color hide and retention
  • Easy to use on-site color dispersion system

Product Information

SPARTACOTE® Polyaspartic Pigments are designed to be used exclusively with SPARTACOTE FLEX XPL, SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE and SPARTACOTE FLEX SB polyaspartic coatings. Available in 14 standard colors, these materials are manufactured through a proprietary process in which raw pigment elements are ground and subsequently combined with the highest quality polyaspartic resins available. Once ready for use, these concentrated pigments are dispersed directly into short-filled part A pigment base.
  • Packaging Sizes:

    1 qt (0.9 L)

    1.25 gal (4.7 L)

    Available in 14 standard colors including safety colors. Custom color available upon request.


    SPARTACOTE Polyaspartic Pigments are available pre-blended into the part A resin.  Consult a LATICRETE Technical Service Representative for pricing and availability. 

  • Part of System: SPARTACOTE™
United States

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