FIRST 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP) Mortar to Comply with IBC and IRC

LATICRETE 3DP material approved by ICC-ES

LATICRETE International Inc. has received confirmation from ICC-ES (ICC Evaluation Service, LLC) that LATICRETE® 3D - M68 and 3D - M120 printing mortars are the first to comply with the provisions of the 2021 IBC / IRC and meet the requirements of AC509 (Acceptance Criteria for 3D Automated Construction Technology for 3D Concrete Walls).  

As evidenced in the ICC-ES evaluation report ESR-4380, this confirmation provides guidance to code officials engineers, architects, and other professionals to specify and approve LATICRETE 3D - M68 and 3D - M120 for use in 3D automated construction. 

LATICRETE 3D printing mortars provide solutions for the professional 3D construction industry that includes homes, schools, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, and modular formwork. Our high-performance 3D printing mortars are compatible with multiple 3D construction printers and have been used to successfully print structures worldwide.  

What is the ICC-ES and what does their approval mean?  

The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) is a recognized 3rd party entity that specializes in compliance approval. They have evaluated the LATICRETE 3D - M68 and 3D - M120 materials, our manufacturing processes, raw material traceability, production consistency, and more. 

What does this report mean?  

3D printed elements or structures (structural or non-structural, depending on design and the designer's credentials) can be designed with these materials knowing that they meet code and are application appropriate. LATICRETE provides the material expertise and leaves the structural design to those professionals. 

ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-4380

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