Animal Facilities

Chemical & Stain Resistant Resinous Concrete Flooring for Animal Housing

The LATICRETE® SPARTACOTE® line offers a variety of chemical resistant concrete floor coatings for use within animal holding facilities, veterinarian clinics and doggy daycares. Sparta-Flex polyaspartic boasts a tight molecular structure that resists bacteria-friendly microscratches. Anti-microbial polyaspartic flooring from LATICRETE will dramatically improve overall facility hygiene and reduce maintenance costs over time. Furthermore, concrete floor coatings may also be adjusted for traction and gloss levels depending on the needs of the facility.

It is important for dog kennels, veterinary clinics, and others of the sort to be structurally sound to create a safe environment to prevent injury to the animals and care givers. It is essential in these structures to have floors and walls that are non-toxic, easily cleaned, and can provide enough natural and artificial light to allow healthy growth. Our concrete coating systems provide UV resistance for enhanced reflectivity, great for natural and artificial light, enhancing the health of the dogs and other animals.


Sparta-Flex PURE 100% VOC-free and Fast Return to Service for low odor installations

The SPARTACOTE® FLEX PURE™ system is 100% VOC-free and emits little odor during installation. It is installed in as little as one day and offers superior abrasion and chemical resistance; excellent impact and wear resistance; and an option to add traction with our micro-media Sparta-Grip™ Traction Additives. Sparta-Grip™ Traction Additives is a great product to add to your concrete coating system for it is reduced in weight, making it suspend evenly into top-coats, improves the durability of your facility, preserves the finish and clarity of your floor coating; and it improves flooring system traction coefficients.

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  • Superior Chemical Resistance
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Solvent-Free, VOC-Free, Green-Friendly Concrete Coatings
  • Available Gloss, Satin or Matte Finish
  • Apply & Return to Service with Hours


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