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Commercial & Retail Concrete Floor Coating Systems

Whether your application is a car dealership service center or an active machine shop, SPARTACOTE® floors offer a durable, slip resistant surface designed for constant abuse. Sparta-Flex concrete coating systems and performance top-coats are ideal for situations demanding protection from daily use caused by forklifts, heavy machinery and dropped tools. Furthermore, the impermeable surface is completely resistant to oil, grease and spilled maintenance fluids. They are heat resistant and designed for maximum life-cycle wear resistance. Most beneficial of all, these concrete coating systems can be applied in One-Day with next-day return to service – allowing you to have any industrial facility back into operation in no time.

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  • Superior Impact & Abrasion Resistance
  • Several Colors to Choose From
  • Chemical & Stain Resistant
  • Customized Finishes and Traction Coefficients
  • One-Day installation with next-day return to service


Video Project: Texas Motor Speedway's Garages

Video Project: 22,000 S.f. Commercial Garage Floor

Performance Comparison & Chemical Resistance Chart