Topping and Overlay Solutions

Autostrada automobile club gets a flooring makeover with NXT® Level SP White concrete overlay.

Overlays Overview: 

NXT® Level DL (Decorative Layer) offers a monolithic flat look while NXT Level SP (Salt & Pepper) gives an aggregate rich appearance. Both so unique in their own way. Having design and performance covered, giving you the best of both worlds.


  • Offered in a white or grey base
  • Custom tinting possible through our AnyColor™ program

Full LATICRETE System Capability:

NXT Level SP White

NXT Level SP

NXT® Level SP provides a low maintenance wear surface, durable solution with an attractive, coarse salt and pepper look.

  • Pre-blended light and dark medium coarse aggregate
  • High strength formulas 
  • Pumpable and pourable 
  • Quick turn-around time

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NXT Level DL

NXT® Level DL is designed for use as a durable and attractive interior wear surface topping. With no aggregate exposure.

  • Blank canvas for customization such as glass or more 
  • Equipped with Microban®
  • Pumpable and pourable
  • Quick turn-around time

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LATICRETE Floor Overlays and Toppings


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