Industrial Flooring

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings

Industrial floor coatings represent some of the most challenging applications for high performance flooring. They represent an economical and safe alternative to other types of commercial concrete flooring systems such as vinyl, polished or densified concrete. Industrial coatings provide a resilient and seamless finish that offers superior chemical and stain resistance.

Historically, industrial coatings incorporated several types of epoxy or urethane coatings that were available in a variety of colors and finishes. Over the past decade, polyaspartic concrete coatings have emerged as an alternative to standard epoxy or urethane type systems.


  • 1-Day installation with next-day return to service
  • Customizable colors and textures
  • Superior substrate adhesion
  • Excellent durability
  • High chemical and stain resistance
  • High traction flooring solution

To learn more about polyaspartic coatings and how they may benefit your next project, please click here.

LATICRETE® has developed several types of industrial concrete floor coating systems based on polyaspartic technology. These applications can be designed with an array of additives to provide for a multitude of high performance finishes. Coating thickness may also be adjusted depending on facility requirements. Our SPARTACOTE® systems have been engineered to offer owners and contractors several options when determining the appropriate solution for their project. We encourage you to work with us directly in designing a system that meets your needs. Generally, owners and facility managers will select one of the following for a functional commercial and industrial concrete coating system: